Aug 21, 2007

Forest Edge and Teepee's


EddaHronn said...


didin't know u had a blog!!! linking u as we speak :)

Hope u r good...

xx edda

Lars said...

Hi Tore
Are we really allowed to showcase our concept stuff from the movie like this?
If so, do you know how I can get some of my unused stuff back, i'd love to have it for my portfolio?
And have you decided if you're going to spain?

Juanjo Ramírez said...

Hi Thore!

I´m Juanjo, from Spain.

I arrived here by Lars` blog.

I think most of your rejected work in Zombie Western is really really GREAT.

I´d really love you both to include that kind of work in your portfolios. I think that Soren is the one that should allow you for that.

So, ask him and GOOD LUCK!!

I also send you greetings from Raúl. We are so happy and pleased with your work at ZW.