Jun 2, 2007

Fast Western!

I would like to link u to an animated short that I made together with a few of my classmates last year. It took us just a day to complete it with sound and colors and it's surely worth a visit. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I3A7TxePW_E

Bloody Nazi

Hmm....what was i thinking? I wasnt thinking of a dynamic pose, thats for sure :)

River Of Death

A river of skulls, thats kinda cool... and pirates too!

Project Projection

I'm not much of a pioneer when it comes to trying difrent material, This was made in photoshop using all sorts of realistic photos and i never touched a pencil doing the process, which is totally strange to me. The background was used for projection in a theater and was suported with animation.

The inspiration for the piece was aquired from this fabulous interactive game. http://www.samorost.net/samorost2/title.swf

Le-Chuck reborn

This is my version of Curse of Monkey Island Le-Chuck.